After participating in the international 2016 AMUG conference, Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, significantly expands its market coverage in Asia with the signing of 4 partnership agreements: DUORUI in China, FUSIONTECH in South Korea, FS HITECH in Malaysia, and BOSTW in Taiwan.

Prodways made the strategic choice to sign agreements with well-established companies in Asia, known for their technological background and competencies, excellent level of service, and knowledge of the 3D printing sector.
These new partnership will enable Prodways to strengthen its sales and distribution network and to provide customers operating in Asia with a complete range of solutions based on both MOVINGLight® and laser sintering technologies.

In China, Prodways and DUORUI announced that they have entered into a partnership to introduce MOVINGLight® technology to the Chinese market. DUORUI is a new company founded by BIDONG, an industrial company active in various high-tech markets. DUORUI will be composed of 3D printing experts and a growing network of local, experienced sub-partners allowing for vast geographical and vertical markets coverage in China. DUORUI will have its own machine for demos and trainings and will provide technical support for Chinese customers.

Regarding the newly released “Prodways powered by Farsoon” laser sintering technology, FUSIONTECH in South Korea, FS HITECH in Malaysia, and BOSTW in Taiwan decided to sign partnership agreements to distribute the ProMaker P series line, offering high thermal stability with optimized mechanical properties, combined with a fully digital, ultra-fast and high-precision laser scanner. In addition, they will offer the large Prodways portfolio of powders and adopt Prodways’ open materials strategy, aiming to facilitate innovation for the Asian market.

As complementary technologies, FS HITECH and BOSTW will promote both MOVINGLight® and laser sintering product lines.

These 4 new partnership agreements in Asia, combined with the recent announcement of the sale of the first six laser sintering machines, confirms Prodways’ ascent toward becoming the third-largest global player with a multi-technology offer.

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