• NEF200 – 晶圆缺口定位和晶圆提升机


    NEF200 – 晶圆缺口定位和晶圆提升机 本产品可以定位晶圆缺口到任意需要的角度,然后把所有晶圆抬成阶梯形,在光照下,操作工可以读晶圆刻号和检测晶圆损伤. 本产品由纯净有机材料制成,具有静电保护功能,所有符合SEMI标准的晶圆盒都可以使用.   NEF200 – Notch finder and elevator The NEF200 incorporates a notch aligner to position wafers at a desired angle and the elevates all wafers at a slope. A lighting ramp enables the operator to visually read wafer scribes or inspect wafers. The tools are made of clean organic material.Provide true ESD protection.

    分类: 150mm-200mm桌上型设备/晶圆传送设备/晶圆半导体设备


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